Alessa is an integrated electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem company with a local brand and design with a manufacturing facility in Cikarang - Western Java, Indonesia. Led by experienced leadership teams and supported by skilled Indonesian workers, it goes through detailed quality control processes to make it safe and ready for use.

Vision & Mission

We envisioned to be an international energy company that contribute to the global efforts to preserve green environment by producing cost effective and convenient electric-powered vehicles and its ecosystem.

Our Core Business

We build an integrated Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem to make it convenient, safe, and economical for users to drive anywhere and anytime.




Erwin Sutanto

Erwin Sutanto is the Managing Partner of Aserra Partners and the Vice President of PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk. Prior to this, Erwin was the CEO of PT. CP Prima and a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and MS in Engineering from Stanford University. He currently sits on the external advisory board for the Mechanical Engineering Department of UC Berkeley.

Handojo Sutjipto

Handojo Sutjipto has had extensive experience in managing operations and business development in information technology for over 30 years.
Prior to his position as CEO of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk he was Director of Customer Service, Network Operation & Design at PT First Media Tbk for about 2 years and Director of Business Development & Human Resources at PT Multipolar Corporation Tbk for 3 years.

Dr.-Ing. Tindjaja Soetadji

Started his career in 1987 by becoming business advisor/business manager at a computer company. Then in 1990 he entrusted with the task of building a new business, namely sales and manufacturing lines Acer Computers. With a lot of experience in manufacturing, he succeeded in establishing and develop their own company, namely PT. Abacus Kencana Industries, which has developed by ISO 9001 certification in 2008.

Muljanto Waluyo

In 1989, Muljanto started his career as an Auditor at Prasetio Utomo & Co. Thereafter, he worked at Lucky Textile Group for 2 years. He was Corporate Accounting Manager and Vice President Corporate Administration at PT. Tripolyta Indonesia Tbk from 1992-2005, then become a Director in PT Tripolyta Indonesia Tbk. From 2010, he was Vice President Operational Excellent for 2 years at PT. Chandra Asri Petrochemicals Tbk. Currently, he also serves as General Manager Finance & Accounting at PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk.

Elli Sariniyudewi Halim

She has a career for more than 26 years and since 2013 until now, she has become an important part of the financial sector of PT. Exa Nusa Persada. Started her career in 1995 in the world of Finance and Procurement by joining PT. Tera Dayakomputa System and served as Finance for Axioo Int'l Pte Ltd in 2008. And now serves as Commissioner of PT. Indonesian Primary Internet.